EST. 2015
PRICE $4  All Back Drop Photos
PRICE $7  Back Drop  (
with stand).
PRICE $4  Just the Stand Alone
PRICE $4  LED #60 Count Cup Cake Holder
PRICE $4  Tulle Table Skirt in Colors: Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, White, Red, Black and multi color.
PRICE $4  Halloween Bean Toss Game with stand.
PRICE $10 Portable LED Light Up BAR with shelves and cover, great for serving Pop Corn and more.
PRICE $5  Laser Light Disco Show
PRICE $5  Strobe Light
PRICE $5  LED Black Light
PRICE $5  LED Multi Changeable Color Light
PRICE $5  Fog Machine with one fill of fog liquid. $15 per 32oz additional bottle.
PRICE $2  SINGLE Special Light Effect ball, color red, blue, green, purple/pink, orange and disco effect

$6 in combination of renting two small airblowns
PRICE $4  Inflatable Small size 5 foot inflatable Jack Skeleton airblown
PRICE $6  Inflatable Medium size 6 foot inflatable Jack and Sally airblown
PRICE $4  
4ft Alien Inflatable Alien airblown or $5 in combination of renting another small airblown

For one (Large) it is $15 or $10 each for two Large airblowns or more.
PRICE $10 to $15, Inflatable 6.5 foot Nightmare Before Christmas Arch with Jack and Sally airblown,
PRICE $10 to $15, Inflatable 12 foot Jack Skeleton airblown,
PRICE $10 to $15 Inflatable 7 foot Oogie Boogie and trick or treaters airblown
PRICE $10 to $15 Inflatable 12 foot Haunting Ghost
PRICE $10 to $15 Inflatable 12 foot Terrifying Pumpkin
PRICE $10 to $15 Inflatable 11.5 foot Haunted House walk through
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Salem Jumper Rentals LLC, offers a (Large Variety of Halloween themed inflatable party rentals).
Everyone gets really excited over our (LIFE SIZE) inflatable airblown
s. We have a 11.5 foot Haunted
walk through, a 8 foot Haunted Tree, 12 foot Terrifying Pumpkin and 12 foot Haunting
inflatable airblowns. We also have a Halloween Bean Bag Toss Game with stand.  
And also have a large variety of
Nightmare Before Christmas theme inflatable's. Please go to our
Nightmare Before Christmas page.
We also offer the Nightmare Before Christmas themed Boogie
Oogie in the Moon Back Drop Photo
These are all GREAT for both INDOORS and
OUTDOOR Parties)!

We offers
back drops with portable stands. To help make it convenient to hang up the back drop
from anywhere. Without having to find somewhere to hang it. Rather if that is indoor or outdoors.
Back Drop Photos, is a
(Highlight) of every event. That is where your guest will take photos and
take selfies to share on social media or print.

We also offer
(TULLE red table skirts), to add to the theme atmosphere. We also offer
(#60 count LED Light Up Cup Cake Holder). WE also have a (portable 2 shelf storage LED
light up stand and bar)
. Great for serving popcorns, cotton candy and more. We also offer special
colored light effects and more on our party supple rental page. Including tables and chairs. We
also have many more
Halloween inflatable's, Fog Machines, Special Light effects, Strobe
Black Lights and more!