Rentals average between 2-hrs to 8 hrs. It's the same cost no matter
how many hours you reserve it for. We do not do over nights, unless
you pay for an extra day.

We Start scheduling at 7:00AM and Pick up as late as 10:30PM
during summer peak day light times.
It is first come, 1st serve to "reserve" the actual hour we come set
up and take down.
If we have multiple rentals being scheduled closer to the day you
reserved. We may need to adjust times around to make all morning
set up appointments with-in same travel time range vs. Driving all over
town that can cause delays.
We will confirm your finalized set up
time 1 day in advance, giving you a real expected time for arrival
Which is with in a 30 min time frame.

We recommend setting up and reserving a time frame between
1-4 hrs, before event starts. This helps give us lead way of getting
to appointments on time and able to
adjust the schedule if needed prior to date.
In which we will confirm
through text message the day before event of finalized 30 minute time
frame of arrival.
A lot of times we find our selves in a situation where
the renter was not there at arrival time, did not have proper
measurements or preparation before we arrived, or a problem with
plug In's etc. Forcing us to be late to rest of our appointments. If
renter is (very much) unprepared, we have the right to automatically
cancel your reservations and leave on site to maintain our schedule
with the rest of the reservations, or an extra charge if renter is not
on-site when we arrive to pick up. Which can force us to be late
picking up all our other jumpers on time. We ask to please prepare
for our arrival one day before your scheduled event. Please
communicate and text message us back in timely manner.

As for pick up times, we like to try to pick up as early as we can
to event ending to 4 hours after. Depending on how booked we
are. Pick up times can be adjusted after your event ends. So again
we are not driving back and forth across town. Which can
cause delays.

Please keep jumpers (INFLATED) when we arrive to pick up.
We have mandatory cleaning we have to do at time of pick up
on site. Unless we tell you to deflate them. We need to have 30-45
minutes to clean and pack these jumpers. Please schedule
pick up time allowing an hour from arrival time. For us to
be gone. In case you are renting at public locations, or
choosing a late pick up time.

You can goggle your address from: (Harlan Dr. NE and Jade St. Ne Salem)
We deliver, set up and take down, $5 fee in only select areas
with in 19 minute travel time radius from us.
How ever a discount
fee of $10 for 20-25 mins radius. Or $30 for 26 to 3
6 mins
radius for travel time. We do not service beyond 3
6 mins of
drive time anymore.
Unless you are renting an combo,
Obstacle Course or two jumpers. You may be subject to
$50 travel time fee from 36 mins to 49 mins away.
Due to
higher demand in request in reservations on same day, and
drive time being excessively long driving both ways beyond 35
mins. And cost of living, vehicle wear and tear. It was necessary
to make the changes for Travel time fee. Thank you for your
understanding and apologizes for any inconveniences.

How to avoid delays or charges:
We can not set up in mud at all. Has to be indoors, grass
or concrete only. We advise we will (NOT) be able to set up
jumpers in grass with pet droppings, as it is a health concern.
And cause a delay in rest of our schedule. It could cause us to
leave and cancel set up, to maintain our schedule. We could
charge you a cleaning fee, if pet droppings was to get inside
jumpers along with food, silly string and mud inside.
We will have to ask you to pick up pet droppings
before set up
. We ask to please move cars out of the drive ways,
and not parked in front of entry way to set up. We ask to clear entry
ways of all kinds into area of set up. This happens more then
we can count. We pull and roll our jumpers on a wagon, and
some jumpers are wider and we need to be able to have a clear way
into set up area. Which helps keep us on schedule with other
We ask to lock up pets before we arrive each time,
it is mandatory the renter is on site at arrival time and pick
up time.
Sometimes its OK for renter to leave at pick up time.
As long as we are aware of who will be there at pick up time
and their contact #. Absolutely No Food or Drinks on jumpers.
This could charge you a cleaning fee. Natural Debris from
ground, grass and leaves are expected and we spend the time
cleaning jumper on site to remove these. If the jumpers are so dirty
we can not clean them on site. You will be charged a cleaning fee.
As long as the rules are being followed. Jumpers should not get
to that point.  
Renter has to remain on site entire time we
are there during set up and to sign rental agreement and
we take payment at set up time as well.

Payments are always at time of set up. We accept Cash, Check,
Square or Paypal either online or we can send you the link. To
pay us Paypal, its our business name or phone number. Checks
are to be made out to business name. If you are renting
through Salem Kayak Rentals LLC, all rentals payments
are using a credit card through square only and must pay
ahead of time and agree to waivers.

We can not predict the weather. There is no refunds due to
bad weather change during your rental time.
The moment
we set up, there is no refund.
It is free to reserve due to this. You can also cancel for free
1 hour before arrival. If you cancel after the one hour time
prior to us arriving. We will automatically place you on the do not
rent to list or charge you additional fees prior to the next
reservation and pre-paid ahead of time on a card (non refundable)
on the Square. Please (Communicate) with us before our arrival.
To AVOID miss communication. Number to text message is
503-877-8449 for reservations and cancellations.
We have the right to cancel anytime due to unexpected bad
weather change. Example: If winds pick up over 15 miles per hour
or higher. You will be forced to shut down the jumper immediately,
if winds or rain is not stopping. We will be forced to come pick
the jumper up to avoid damages to jumper or anyone from being
(We Always Communicate) with renters the morning of.
In case there is wacky weather. Sometimes we will be forced to move
all our scheduled times by an hour to 4 hours. If needed to avoid
setting up in bad weather and avoid as much of the bad weather
as we can.
We are OK, with light passing rain. We do not rent
jumpers in 35% chance of rain or higher. Unless its scattered and only
during a brief moment. If you are renting early MARCH thru MAY,
or Sept thru October. There is usually a 50% chance the weather
could cause a cancellation. And very unpredictable.

FYI: OUTSIDE RENTALS start March 1st thru mid October. Unless
we have DRY weather with no chance of rain during rental time outside.
Rental times are shorter. We set up after the wetness/ moisture in the
air is gone and take down before it re-accumulates to (AVOID)
damages to jumper. We are offering $20 OFF for the Single
Jumpers/ Large Combo and $30 off the XL Combos and Obstacle
Course due to shorter rental times.
(THERE IS NO) Kayak and
Paddle Board Rentals
after Sept thru May. Due to extreme water
temps. Go to business website for more details at

In rental agreement you will be 100% responsible for getting the right
permits and insurance along with permission through proper agencies
before our arrival.
the park agency will shut you down and charge you a fee).
will charge you as well, if we arrive and proper steps were not taken.
You usually need a week or earlier notice with parks before reserving
through them. Each park is different. You will have to make some
phone calls before reserving through us. You are responsible to make
sure the POWER outlets are turned on prior to our arrival. We do not
supply generators. Keep Jumpers on at arrival. You can leave, once
we arrive and inspect jumpers. We have to clean jumpers on site
before we take down. You can leave once we start the cleaning or
until we are done, if you have to shut down power before leaving.
Should only take 10-15 mins. Once we unplug it. You can leave then,
if you need to wait to turn power off.

In rental agreement you will be 100% responsible for getting the right
permits and insurance along with permission through proper agencies.
Before our arrival,
we have to have the person (Renting, Buying or
Owner of the private property.)
To be the person who signs the rental
agreement "Legal Disclaimer wavier"
to rent our jumpers. Because,
they are agreeing to take full liability. They have to agree to terms in
rental agreement. Before setting up jumpers.

We do a safety walk trough during set up, we hand you a safety tips
and go over safety rules. Example: Bounce Houses can NEVER
be left alone with no supervision. No eye wear, No Jewelry, No Food,
No Shoes, No Objects,
jumpers can be wet, not allow to add water directly
onto jumpers and No pets inside jumpers. We provide water
Soak and Dunk units to help keep jumpers cool for fun during
summer time heat wave. These units are limited.

No damage should happen if you make sure rules are enforced.
Must make sure small kids are not jumping with older or bigger
kids. No kids under 5yrs old with older kids. No kids under 3 yrs
old. We offer a Toddler Jumper at discount price in combination
of renting a larger jumper. To rein sure toddlers are not jumping
with older kids. We are sorry, we no longer rent the toddler jumpers
separately. Due to the jumper not being used for what is attended
for by other pass renters.
(DAMAGES) if damages occur during your
rental time. We will have to investigate on site and take photos,
address concerns with responsible party ASAP of the damages.
Another reason why its important for responsible party to remain on
site. If renter is not on site, we can still move forward into the signed
contract agreement. That renter is responsible 100% for all damages
that occurred during the rental time. Renter will be charged for LOST
OF RENTAL TIME of unit, renter will charged for us having to take
time to get appraisal on damages of our choice of repair shop. If
damages are greater then repair. Renter will be responsible for
replacing the cost of jumper up to a 70% cost of the unit
if we choose.
You do not get to keep the damaged unit. We can make payment
arrangements. This is why we have a safety check walk through at
time of set up. Before photos are always taken during this time.
And a complaint form is available, if costumers found any concerns/
damages during set up for their peace of minds as well. We make
this as fair as we can for all parties involved. Following our safety rules
(will avoid) damages. The (ONLY 4 TIMES) out of over 5 years, We
have seen our jumpers damaged due to OVERCAPACITY and no
supervision during this time and the other one due to no supervision
while both (small kid), (infant) and (larger kids) crawling around and
jumping on the arch way of jumper, a large blade slice through our
other jumper and again no supervision and last over capacity and
having older kids on our toddler jumper another time. We determine
the outcome of cost of damages. We will charge for all and any
additional cost that occurs to get payments. Renter signs a rental
agreement contract (legal disclaimer) wavier, that will be held in
court. We ask to please have a plan on how you are going to
supervise all the rental equipments.
Lack of and NO supervision
can cause harm and damages to both people and equipment.
Damages can place you on our do not rent to list.
(We do appreciate your understanding).

We like to always confirm (TEXT MESSAGE) communication with
all our costumers. Please expect to communicate this way. We send
confirmation text messages usually (1 Day) day prior to reservations
and to communicate if any changes need to be made. PLEASE text
message us, if you did not get your text message reminder after
6PM the night before. Text Message is the fastest way to communicate
with us. During slow times, I substitute in the schools. And can not
answer phone during school hours if I am working. Sometimes a
simple text message is simple and can inform you when i will be free
to chat.
Our Business Contact and TEXT message number is
Thanks for your understanding.

If you haven't already read about us. Please do so. This business is
strictly owned, operated by kids and myself their mother
. They
are the legal owners and make all the business decisions as well.
do it all. They buy and choose which equipment will be rented,
pricing and operations of the business. They work all operations of the
business. All renters are expected to be aware of operations and
children being involved on site. The kids are learning as both the
business and them selves literally grow. Ages of kids when started
was 10 mths old, 4yrs old, 9yrs old and 10yrs old. You can learn more
about us in our About Us Tab above.
You can also follow us on
Facebook to Validate all our work since 2015

We feel very blessed and appreciate all our pass costumers for
giving us this opportunity to learn and grow.

Sincerely, The Salem Jumper LLC Team!