Meet the Family Crew!
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This business is operated by my kids and I. Teaches them workmanship and
team work. Learning costumer service skills, working in the field, time
management, financial decisions, handling money, paying business bills,
sales and marketing skills. Along with inventory and earning money into
their savings. Leaving room for thefamily to continue to invest and grow
together as young business owners.

Back ground as myself as a mother, I have strong business, sales,
management, marketing, graphic design, and promotional skills. That has
allowed me to become a successful self contractor and business owner of
multiple small businesses.

I thrive everyday to support my family of 7. And realize it's not easy working
for other employers with such a large family and have found myself in the past
struggling along with having ADHD. Makes staying employed by others very

I am also a survivor of Domestic Violence in my past. That left me very
crippled from being employed and one rejection after another in job interviews.
Due to the lack of many years of not working during my abusive past. Single
with 3 young children and no financial support. Their father was sentenced
to prison for many years after, due to the domestic violence charges.
With no  sign of future financial support and lost of his parenting rights. I was
on my own.

After I got out of the abusive situation safely. I immediately
started working at the Marion County District Attorneys office as a Victim
Advocate, as a paid volunteer internship through DHS. To help support me
till I got on my feet again. This internship allowed me to be able to help other
victims, their children and for me to start healing from my past as well.

After my 2 year internship ended, I quickly went into survival mode and used
my natural talents and eagerness to thrive. I decided to promote myself and
start my own side small businesses. Same time met my future husband that
ended up adopting my 3 older children as his own legally. And I had two more
wonderful children with my husband.

Later I learned my children have been struggling in schools and some behavior.
I learned they too were struggling with ADHD that they inherit from my side of
the family and myself. Also other red flags concerns. Which also lead to my
children developing learning disabilities and on the spectrum for borderline
autism. Most of if was due to witnessing domestic violence long term during
the first couple years of life and inheriting ADHD did not help.

I did not want my children to grow up struggling or ever in a
situation that left them cripple because of an employer or relationship. This is
why creating this business for my kids to grow and learn from is very critical.
With my professional experiences. My dream is to help them grow into
successful respectful individuals. Even with these mental challenges
they can prove to them selves, they can over come obstacles
and be just as successful as anyone else.

Reminding them along there way to success. That we always give back to
our community in all the work we do. We can do anything as long as we put
our minds to it and take action. Never give up. As a reminder, a few of my
own business plans failed. Each fail is an opportunity to learn and grow from.
Do not quit till you have succeeded.
EST. 2015
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In this photo from summer of 2015. The kids went into the
community to present their family own business, to families in the
park. At the same time, handing them $25 off for 1st time renters.
They had also had a bounce house at the park. For families to try
out our product.